Post Truth 66​.​6FM (The Fake Mix)

by Grooving In Green



Exclusive remix produced by the legendary Roni Pimpsin


Those lying charlatans that idiots elect
Self serving nest of vipers- their own interests they protect
A complicit media doesn't know how to fact check
They piss on our future... then ask for our respect

You feed us your alt facts
Without a shred of proof
We no longer call out lies
Now embrace the post truth

Climate change deniers – claiming black is white
A growing fascist movement – now called the alt-right
Billionaire liars – promise to bring change
Turkeys vote for Christmas – doesn’t that seem strange?


released May 3, 2018
Vocals - Tron Bison
Guitars - Pete Finnemore
Bass - Switchblade Switch
Drums - Simon Rippin


all rights reserved



Grooving In Green UK

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